Elevate Your Unicorn:

Share Your Unicorn's Story with Sovereign Wealth Funds at SWF Summit

Are you a unicorn—a cutting-edge, game-changing startup ready to make a global impact? Do you have a groundbreaking innovation that deserves the spotlight? If so, we invite you to seize a remarkable opportunity at the G20 SWF Summit to showcase your disruptive technology and its transformative potential to a distinguished audience of sovereign wealth funds, large family offices, policymakers, and global investors.

Why Showcase at SWF Summit?

Global Visibility

SWF Summit is a world-renowned gathering that brings together sovereign wealth funds from across the globe, representing trillions in assets. Presenting on our main stage offers unparalleled visibility for your unicorn.

Networking and Collaboration

Connect with influential decision-makers, industry leaders, and potential partners. Forge collaborations that can drive your unicorn's growth and market reach.

Market Expansion

SWF Summit's global audience means exposure to markets you may have never considered. Presenting here opens doors to new regions, customers, and revenue streams.

Access to Capital

Your presentation can capture the attention of sovereign wealth funds and large institutional investors actively seeking innovative opportunities for investment. It's a direct avenue to secure the funding needed to scale your disruptive technology.

Investor Confidence

Presenting at SWF Summit demonstrates the trust and interest of prominent sovereign wealth funds in your unicorn's potential.. This endorsement can instill trust and attract further investments from other sources.


Gain validation from a global audience of decision-makers and thought leaders. Your unicorn's inclusion in such a prestigious event is a testament to its significance and ability to make a difference.

Innovation Recognition

Showcase your unicorn as a pioneer in innovation. Position your technology as a game-changer with the potential to disrupt industries and create new opportunities.

Learning Opportunities

Engage with a diverse audience and gain insights into market demands, trends, and investor expectations. Use this valuable feedback to refine your unicorn's strategy and value proposition.

Media Exposure

Benefit from extensive media coverage, amplifying your unicorn's reach and influence. Media outlets from around the world will be present, ensuring your innovation gets the attention it deserves

Impactful Networking

Connect with influencers, policy-makers, and industry giants who can propel your unicorn's growth through partnerships and collaborations. SWF Summit is the ideal platform to expand your network with decision-makers capable of accelerating your unicorn's journey.

Driving progress and shaping better future, through Power of Innovation

How Does it Work?

Unicorns interested in showcasing their disruptive technology will undergo a simple application process. Provide details about your innovation, its impact, and why it deserves a spot on our stage.

Our panel of experts will review applications and select the most promising unicorns to participate. Selection criteria include innovation, market potential, and alignment with the summit’s themes.

If chosen, you’ll have a dedicated 10-minute slot on the main stage to present your unicorn to our esteemed audience. Craft a compelling pitch that highlights your technology’s potential and impact.

What's in It for You?

Showcase your unicorn to a diverse audience of sovereign wealth funds, global investors, and industry leaders.

Investment Opportunities:
Secure potential funding or investment partnerships from sovereign wealth funds actively seeking disruptive innovations.

Connect with decision-makers who can propel your unicorn to new heights through collaborations, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

Market Expansion:
Open doors to new markets and customers, taking your unicorn’s growth to a global scale.

Why Are We Doing This?

At SWF Summit, we believe in the power of innovation to drive progress and shape a better future. By providing a platform for unicorns to shine, we’re fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that benefits all stakeholders. Your unicorn has the potential to transform industries and improve lives. Let’s make it happen together.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to showcase your unicorn’s disruption and impact on a global stage. Apply now, and join us at SWF Summit to unlock a world of possibilities for your unicorn.

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