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At the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), we believe that collaboration is the key to driving meaningful change in the world of investments, finance, and economics. As a global organization dedicated to supporting sovereign wealth funds, public pensions, central banks, and long-term public investors, we recognize the immense value that partnerships bring to the table.

Our Partnership Program

SWFI's Partnership Program

is designed to create synergy between our institute and a diverse range of organizations, including academic institutions, research organizations, thought leadership entities, policy makers, not-for-profit institutions, volunteering bodies for a cause, governmental entities driven by impact, industrial associations, and chambers of commerce. By joining hands with SWFI, you can unlock a world of opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the co-creation of valuable content and services.

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Are you an organization passionate about making a positive impact in the financial and investment sectors? We invite you to explore the possibilities of partnership with SWFI. Together, we can

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Let's join forces to create meaningful content and value-added services that benefit our global community of investors and decision-makers.

Join SWFI in our mission to empower and inform those who shape the world's financial landscape. Together, we can make a difference.