I⁴ is an exclusive monthly gathering under the SWF Summit banner, in collaboration with renowned universities. This event brings together a select group of influential voices in the world of institutional investing. Held for three hours in a relaxed atmosphere, it provides opportunities to connect, share insights, and equip participants with the knowledge, network, and resources to make impactful decisions. The dates and the venue for these meetings are finalized in consultation with collaborating universities. See website for details.

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Networking and Partnerships

SWF Summit events provide a platform for SWFs to network with peers, global leaders, and policymakers. These connections lead to potential collaborations and partnerships that can enhance investment opportunities.

SWF Summit invites renowned speakers and experts to share their insights on global economic trends, investment strategies, and policy changes. SWFs gain access to valuable knowledge that informs their investment decisions.

SWF Summit allows SWFs to engage with policymakers and thought leaders, enabling them to shape regulations and governance that affect sovereign investments. This influence ensures favorable conditions for investment.

SWFs gain a holistic view of the global economic landscape, enabling them to align their portfolios with changing dynamics and emerging opportunities.

2 Allocators
Diversification Strategies

SWF Summit events present innovative approaches to portfolio diversification and risk management. Allocators can adopt these strategies to optimize investment allocation across asset classes and regions.

Networking at SWF Summit gatherings opens doors to potential investment partners, including SWFs, family offices, and institutions. Allocators can identify promising opportunities for their clients.

Allocators can access insights from industry experts and peers, helping them refine their allocation strategies and make informed investment decisions.

3 Family Offices
Wealth Preservation

SWF Summit events explore strategies for wealth preservation and legacy planning. Family offices gain insights into how to protect and grow their wealth over generations.

Family offices can explore alternative investment opportunities discussed at SWF Summit, including startups, venture capital, and ESG investments, diversifying their portfolios.

Sessions at SWF Summit events address best practices for collaboration among family members and generations, helping family offices make collaborative decisions.

Family offices build connections with other family offices, institutions, and potential investment partners, expanding their network and investment opportunities.

4 Pension Funds
Long-Term Sustainability

SWF Summit provides insights into long-term investment strategies, ensuring the sustainability of pension funds. Decision-makers can adopt these strategies to secure retirement benefits for beneficiaries.

Pension funds learn effective risk management techniques in a dynamic investment landscape, allowing them to safeguard assets and make secure investment decisions.

SWF Summit offers insights into global economic trends and their impact on pension fund investments. Decision-makers can adjust their strategies accordingly.

5 Public Funds
Financial Inclusion

Public funds explore opportunities for financial inclusion and investment in underserved sectors, contributing to economic development. Decision-makers can align investments with societal goals.

SWF Summit discussions cover infrastructure development projects and investment prospects, helping public funds identify vital infrastructure investments.

Public funds learn about sustainable finance models and ESG integration into portfolios, making environmentally responsible investment decisions.

Public funds foster collaborations with other public funds and international organizations to promote sustainable growth and development.

6 Endowments
Mission-Aligned Investments

SWF Summit events offer strategies aligned with endowment missions and values, aiding decision-makers in making purpose-driven investments.

Endowments discover avenues for investing in social impact projects and philanthropic initiatives, enabling impactful decisions in line with their mission.

SWF Summit provides strategies to grow endowment assets while maintaining financial stability, assisting in asset growth decisions.

Endowments learn about wealth preservation and legacy planning, facilitating informed decisions regarding their financial legacy.

7 Financial Institutions
Market Insights

SWF Summit offers market intelligence and investment insights from industry leaders, helping financial institutions make well-informed decisions.

Decision-makers can identify collaboration opportunities with SWFs, family offices, and institutions, enhancing their partnership and investment options.

Financial institutions stay informed about regulatory changes affecting the financial sector, guiding their compliance and governance decisions.

Engaging with thought leaders on topics such as fintech, cybersecurity, and innovation influences decision-making in technology and strategy investments.

8Private Equity Firms
Access to Capital

SWF Summit connects private equity firms with potential investors, including SWFs and family offices, enabling decision-makers to make informed investment choices.

Private equity firms explore investment opportunities in startups, venture capital, and alternative investments, influencing investment decisions.

Discussions on exit strategies and opportunities at SWF.

9Media Houses
Access to Experts

SWF Summit invites prominent speakers and experts in economics, finance, and policy. Media professionals gain access to these experts for interviews, insights, and commentary, enhancing the quality and depth of their reporting.

Media houses can attend panel discussions and sessions focused on global economic trends, investment strategies, and geopolitical developments. They can gather in-depth analysis and expert opinions to provide valuable content to their audience.

Journalists and reporters can build relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and industry experts at SWF Summit events. These connections provide valuable sources and contacts for future stories.

SWF Summit covers pressing topics each month, ensuring that media houses have access to timely and relevant content for their reporting and analysis.

Attendees gain a global perspective on economic and investment issues, helping media houses produce well-rounded and informed reports on international events and trends.

Research Opportunities

SWF Summit events provide academics with real-world case studies and insights into global economic trends and investment strategies. These insights can inform research projects and academic publications.

Academics can connect with industry professionals, policymakers, and fellow researchers, fostering opportunities for collaboration and joint research initiatives.

SWF Summit often includes data and research presentations, granting academics access to valuable datasets and information for their studies.

Academics can use the content from SWF Summit events as teaching material, ensuring that students are exposed to the latest developments in finance, economics, and investment.

Engaging with thought leaders and experts in the field enhances academic knowledge and facilitates discussions on emerging trends and theories.

11Law Firms
Legal Insights

SWF Summit events cover legal aspects of investments, governance, and policy changes. Law firms gain valuable legal insights to better advise their clients in the financial and investment sectors.

Law firms can connect with sovereign investment leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers, creating opportunities for legal consultations and representation.

Attending SWF Summit allows law firms to engage in discussions related to regulations and governance, providing a platform to shape legal frameworks that impact investment and financial industries.

Building relationships with attendees, including family offices, financial institutions, and SWFs, can lead to client referrals and legal representation opportunities.

Law firms stay up-to-date on regulatory changes, legal requirements, and industry trends discussed at SWF Summit events, ensuring that they can provide informed legal counsel to their clients.

12Policymakers / Elected Representatives
Policy Insights

SWF Summit covers policy-related topics, including economic outlooks, trade policies, and sustainability goals. Policymakers and elected representatives gain insights into the global economic landscape.

Policymakers can network with global thought leaders, sovereign investment leaders, and industry experts to build relationships and gather diverse perspectives on policy issues.

Attending SWF Summit allows policymakers to engage in discussions about global goals and initiatives, contributing to international policymaking and cooperation.

Policymakers can assess the potential impact of their decisions on global investments, trade, and economic stability by participating in discussions with experts.

Policymakers learn about sustainable finance models, environmental policies, and inclusive economic practices, facilitating decisions that promote environmental and social goals.